Terms of Use

Terms of Use for koukou TV service

We hereby specify the terms of use for the service called "koukou TV" supplied by us, UIEvolution K.K. and for software and electronic equipment (hereinafter called collectively "koukou TV") to supply the service as follows. Please read the matters described below, consent to the contents and then use koukou TV.

Section 1 (Use Contract)

  1. Those who use koukou TV (hereinafter called "Service Users") shall use it after consenting to these Terms without failure. At the time when Service Users commence the use of koukou TV, they will conclude contracts between them and the Company that have these Terms as conditions.

Section 2 (koukou TV)

  1. 1. Service Users may display the information such as motion pictures, still images and letters (hereinafter called collectively "the Contents") that are stored on the service associated with koukou TV (hereinafter called "External Service") on koukou TV.
  2. 2. Service Users shall arrange facilities necessary for using koukou TV at their own costs and liabilities.
  3. 3. In order that the Company supplies koukou TV, Service Users shall consent to store the information which they registered and the information of External Service connected as a result of registration temporarily in the server of the Company.

Section 3 (External Service)

  1. 1. In order to obtain koukou TV by Service Users or when they use External Service concurrently with koukou TV, if there are terms of use for the External Service, the Service Users shall use the External Service in accordance with the terms of use for the External Service together with these Terms.
  2. 2. In the supply of koukou TV, the Company shall not incur any liability for the use of External Service and for all information which Service Users may obtain through External Service.

Section 4 (Use Charge)

  1. 1. Service Users shall pay use charge when they use part of the services of koukou TV. The amount of use charge, payment means and method shall be specified at this website or at the Company's website.
  2. 2. The Company may change at any time the use charge of koukou TV and its claim method. The contents of the change shall be effective at the time after the elapse of 30 days from the time when the notice of such a change is publicized at this website. All changes relating to use charge and claim method shall be publicized at this website. In order to know the existence or non-existence of the change of the payment method and the notice of contents without delay, Service Users shall consent to check the contents of payment method posted at this website periodically.
  3. 3. Use charge which Service Users pay for the use of services for value shall be all paid by advance payment. A service charge which was once paid shall never be refunded except when the Company proposes otherwise. Service Users shall pay all charges (including unfixed charges due to disputes) which arose in connection with the use of services for value.
  4. 4. Service Users shall pay use charge in accordance with payment conditions etc. which are specified separately by settlement service company for the settlement method designated by the Company. When a dispute arises between a Service User and the settlement service company or a third party which goes between the settlement service company, the dispute shall be resolved by the concerned parties and the Company shall not be liable whatsoever.
  5. 5. When Service Users follow the specified procedure for the use of the service by the expiry date of use as the object of use charge already paid, pay use charge and when the Company confirmed the payment, the Service Users may continuously use the service for value. When Service Users do not follow the procedure for the use of service for value at the next time during the period of use, they will not be able to use the service for value on and later the expiry date of use.

Section 5 (Responsibilities of Service Users)

  1. 1. Concerning the use of koukou TV, when a Service User gives damage to a third party of when a dispute arises between them, the Service User shall resolve the problem at its own costs and responsibilities and shall not bring any trouble or damage to the Company.
  2. 2. Service Users shall manage and use at their responsibilities the device IDs, passwords etc. (hereinafter called "ID") that are necessary for the use of koukou TV.

Section 6 (Prohibited Matters)

  1. 1. At the time of use of koukou TV, Service Users shall not do acts specified in each No. below or acts which are likely to be so.
    1. (1) Act to enter falsely in the registration information which the Company asks Service Users.
    2. (2)Act which infringes intellectual property rights, property rights, trade secrets, privacy and other rights and interests of the Company or a third party.
    3. (3) Act which slanders or defames honor or credit of the Company or a third party.
    4. (4) Act which invalidly acquires and uses the device IDs issued by the Company to Service Users in supplying the services and other information proper to Service Users as well as act which invalidly uses koukou TV.
    5. (5) Act which uses or provides harmful programs such as computer viruses or act which destroys the Company's system.
    6. (6)Act which violates public order and morals or act to supply information which violates public order and morals to a third party.
    7. (7)Criminal act or act which breaches laws and regulations.
    8. (8)Other than above, act which prevents the operation of the services and act which the Company judges to be improper.
  2. 2. When a Service User is applicable to an event listed in the preceding Paragraph or when it violates these Terms, the Company shall notify the Service User of the correction of them, specifying a reasonable period. When the correction is not made during such a period, the Company shall suspend the supply of koukou TV to the Service User and may take actions to eliminate the act of the Service User. However, the Company shall be liable to incur the obligation to such actions.
  3. 3. Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding Paragraph, when the contact addresses of Service Users are not known, or when the Company has no means to directly notify the Service Users and when emergency is needed, the Company may take actions specified in the preceding Paragraph without giving the notice.
  4. 4. When the Company is informed by a third party to the effect that a Service User is doing an act which is applicable to an event specified in Paragraph 1 of this Section, the Company may confirm the use situation and the use contents of koukou TV of the Service User or may have a third party view them.
  5. 5. When damage arises to a Service User by reason that the Company take actions specified in Paragraph 2 or Paragraph 4 of this Section, the Company shall not be liable for the damage whatsoever.

Section 7 (Personal Information)

  1. 1. The Company specifies its privacy policy to protect the information which can identify individuals by such as e-mail addresses, names, addresses, information proper to Service Users concerning External Service (hereinafter called collectively "Personal Information"). The Company shall handle the Personal Information supplied by you based on this privacy policy.
    Website address of privacy policy:

Section 8 (Suspension of Use and Cancellation of Service Use Registration)

  1. 1. By a method separately specified by the Company, Service Users may cancel Service Users' registrations and may suspend the use of koukou TV.
  2. 2. When any of the following events applies to a Service User or when it is judged likely to be so, the Company may, without giving a prior notice, suspend the use of the Service User immediately.
    1. (1) When the Service User breaches these Terms,
    2. (2) Other than above, when the Company judges to be improper as Service Users.
  3. 3. The Company shall not be liable for disclosing the reasons of the preceding Paragraph.

Section 9 (Change or Abolition of koukou TV)

  1. 1. The Company may change, suspend or terminate of the contents of koukou TV and may delete External Service without notifying Service Users in advance. If Service Users suffer any damage due to this, the Company shall not be liable whatsoever regardless of reasons.

Section 10 (Exemption from Obligation)

  1. 1. The Company shall not make any warranty of operation of koukou TV and shall not incur any defect liability to Service Users.
  2. 2. The Company shall not make any warranty as to the contents of koukou TV and information supplied to Service Users through koukou TV the completeness, accuracy, certitude, credibility, applicability, usefulness etc.
  3. 3. The Company shall not warrant that koukou TV and External Service are not infringing intellectual property rights and other rights of a third party.
  4. 4. The Company shall not be liable whatsoever for the damage which is attributable to the use of koukou TV and which arose to a Service User.

Section 11 (Application and Change of These Terms)

  1. 1. Without notifying Service Users in advance, the Company may change these Terms.
  2. 2. The Company shall publicize these Terms after change on the website of koukou TV. Service Users shall be deemed to have consented to the changed Terms at the time when they are publicized.

Section 12 (Prohibition of Assignment or Rights and Duties)

Service Users shall not assign or offer as a security to a third party the status, rights or obligations of Service Users which arise with respect to koukou TV.

Section 13 (Governing Law)

These Terms are governed by laws of Japan.

Section 14 (Consultation and Resolution)

When a dispute arises between a Service User and the Company as to koukou TV, both parties shall consult in good faith.

Section 15 (Contact and Responsible Person)

The Company shall set a dedicated contact for Service Users concerning koukou TV as follows and respond to various inquiries concerning koukou TV.

Inquiry contact of koukou TV

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