Privacy Policy

UIEvolution K.K. (hereinafter called "UIE") shall handle personal information which we keep from you in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In this Privacy Policy, personal information means information regarding individuals by which specific individuals may be identified by their names, dates of birth, other descriptions etc. contained in the information or by easy reference to other information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

UIE will handle personal information by observing laws regarding the protection of personal information, other related rules, guidelines etc. as well as this Privacy Policy.

Acquisition of Personal Information

UIE will acquire personal information by a fair means, notify you of the use purpose of the information, specifying it as far as possible, at the time of acquisition and handle the acquired personal information properly within the necessary scope for its use purpose.

Use Purposes

Personal information which we acquired from you will be used for the purposes specified below. Also, at the time of acquisition, we may individually publicize or notify you of use purposes other than ones listed below.

  1. 1. Personal information supplied by you at the time of your subscriptions to various services.
    • ・Purpose to supply various services
    • ・Purpose of customer support
    • ・Purpose to introduce by e-mails or mails about products, services, event holding, questionnaire implementation etc. of UIE, its associated companies and partner businesses in relation to the products and services of UIE.
  2. 2. Personal information supplied by you at the time of your cooperation in questionnaire campaign.
    • ・Purpose for drawing, delivery of free gifts etc. when we prepare free gifts for persons who cooperated our questionnaire campaign.
    • ・Purpose to tally statistical data such as residential area, occupation, age etc.
  3. 3. Personal information supplied by you for inquiries to our company.
    • ・Purpose to check the contents of inquiries, reply to them etc.

Keeping Period

UIE will specify the keeping period of personal information within the necessary scope for use and after the elapse of keeping period or after the achievement of use purpose, we will delete or destroy personal information by a proper method without delay.

Security Management Actions

In order to prevent divulgation, loss or failure of personal information supplied by you, UIE will take necessary and proper security management actions and will try to correct the actions.

Supervision of Employees and Entrusted Party

  1. 1. UIE sets persons responsible for management at each division who handle personal information and have these persons responsible for management properly manage personal information supplied by you.
  2. 2. Only the directors or employees who have authorities to access to personal information and who have been properly trained will handle personal information.
  3. 3. UIE may entrust the work which handle personal information to a third party within the necessary scope for the use purpose of the personal information. In such a case, we impose on the third party obligations to handle personal information by a contract with the third party etc. and will make necessary and proper supervision of the entrusted party.

Disclosure to a Third Party

Except when you are applicable to any of the following, UIE will not disclose or supply personal information without obtaining your consent.

  1. 1. When it is necessary for the performance of legal obligations to which companies etc. should be subject.
  2. 2. When we are requested to disclose or supply based on laws and regulations as well as provisions from a court, prosecutor's office, police, attorneys' bar, consumer center or similar organs and from other organizations and individuals.
  3. 3. When there is a due event for disclosure or supply by which it is recognized to be necessary for the protection of life, physical property or honor and credibility of UIE, of you who supplied personal information or of a third party other than you.
  4. 4. When personal information is used by a method not to specify individual.
  5. 5. Other than above, when disclosure or supply to a third party is permitted by laws and regulations.

Inquiry concerning Personal Information

  1. 1. Only you or a person on behalf of you may disclose, correct, add, delete, suspend to use and erase personal information. As a result of request for disclosure or disclosure of personal information, if the personal information is found to be wrong information and when you request us to correct, add, delete, suspend to use or erase and when we can confirm that you or person on behalf of you are requesting, we will promptly respond to the request within a rational extent. As to the procedure to claim disclosure etc. of personal information, please refer to the below.
  2. 2. As to inquiry concerning this Privacy Policy and other general inquiry and consultation concerning personal information, please contact us by using inquiry form at official website of UIE.

Response at the Time of Occurrence of Divulgation

Should personal information be divulged, we will promptly publicize fact relevance and will immediately take actions to prevent recurrence.

Continuous Activities

As to the handling of personal information within the company, UIE will try to correct continuously through the arrangement, review of internal rules, implementation of training etc.